An Exclusive Interview with Sanjay Shah

Founder of Solo Capital and Autism rocks!

How much does the CEO of Renault make a year? Many will know. But there are a few who make more money than all the CEOs we know. They are called hedge fund managers!

If you carefully analyze the big names on the ranking list of Hedge Fund Managers, you would probably notice that most of these managers have one thing in common – They are mathematicians more than finance personnel.  They have meticulous strategies that can not only give you the accurate details of the present financial market but can also give you a predictive analysis of how the market will perform. This is exactly how Solo Capital has been performing and the man behind the game – Sanjay Shah will tell us here, what went into the making of his firm and how it has reached to the heights it is now.

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Some personalities seem diminished when they go through allegations, like a blockbuster viewed in the eyes of critics. But Sanjay Shah is even more impressive close-up. With all the Sanjay Shah Dividend, Sanjay Shah Finance and the most talked about Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud, the internet today is exploding with rumors concerning whether the man accused is really guilty?

Supporters of Sanjay Shah simply refuse to plow through the fleshy folds of life with the firm morals and rigid convictions of Danish tax authority SKAT. Instead they have opted to stay flexible and ready to absorb the truth as it comes.

Solo Capital – The Outcome of Persistence, Determination and Calculated Risk Taking

Solo Capital is a global financial services company based in London. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is regulated in the United Kingdom. The company services cover professional sports investment, property trading and consulting. As of March 2015, capital assets under management are £ 67.45 million, net worth is of £ 15.45 million and £ 30.26 million cash flow.

Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah. The company is a subsidiary of a large conglomerate spanning more than three dozen companies. The firm is also referred to as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The millionaire investor Sanjay Shah has 10 years of experience in the finance business and worked in leading firms like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse before becoming the founder and CEO of Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital London operates in major cities worldwide, including London, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, New York and the Cayman Islands. Currently, Solo Capital has offices in Dubai and London where the businesses are operated by Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital Denmark Hedge Fund Owner

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Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud – This Is What Happened!

Sanjay Shah is being investigated by Danish prosecutors as a prime suspect in a case regarding the Danish Government getting defrauded for over 1 billion tax dollars. Although, the Sanjay Shah Tax Fraud topic has been circulating around the internet, there has been no concrete evidence that proves that the Sanjay Shah Fraud is not just baseless allegations.

The suspicion that Sanjay Shah was the main suspect in Sanjay Shah Denmark Tax theft was first raised by Danish news site

However, the news was only made available online and did not actually make it to the paper edition. Why? Well, because the Sanjay Shah Fraud case did not actually have any evidence to prove the probe. The seemingly rather short lived news item said that the British financier Sanjay Shah is being investigated by Danish Serious Fraud Office, but no evidence has been gathered behind the Sanjay Shah SKAT case. Solo Capital is just one of several companies being investigated by Danish prosecutors.

The financial sector today has recognized Solo Capital as a major contributor to the industry, and its founder along with Sanjay Shah’s Wife Usha are seen in a generally positive light for all the work they have done around the world, both financially and philanthropically.

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

Besides the very successful investment career, Sanjay is also an active philanthropist. Sanjay Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. After years of working with renowned doctors and therapists, Sanjay Shah decided to raise awareness about autism, and that’s when he founded Autism Rocks in 2014. You can read about it in Sanjay Shah Wiki or head to the website.

Autism Rocks, a charity that raises awareness of autism, a disorder of neural development also raises money for autism research and helps low-income families with children affected by the disease. In addition, Sanjay is a trustee and director of the Autism Research Trust, which funded organization Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.

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Autism Rock raises funds by staging live music concerts, and the first concert was held in 2014. The charity is also working with many international DJs and artists such as Prince, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz.

The concert began in 2016, and awareness about autism was introduced to American rappers like Tyga who performed live to raise awareness about autism. It was the official DJs and live concerts BFG 2016 Fever that made it big. The concert was autism awareness in partnership with a subsidiary of Al-Ahli Holding.

The way Autism Rocks works have grabbed the attention of many people, irrespective of whether they know what Autism Rocks supports or not. Renowned musicians and singers from around the globe come together to help put on shows that have the sole purpose of raising money for autism research.

“I’ve been sponsoring kids in India over the past 10 years through Plan International. I would send money every month but I didn’t really have any focus on what I could do for charity other than that,” says the 43-year-old Sanjay Shah.

But now with Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah has more opportunities to spread the word and raise awareness.

The need to raise awareness stems from the fact that while people have heard about autism, it is still not something that the majority of people are very familiar with. This is the reason why this disability needs to spread its word and support, especially to families that are living with it.

About 25% of those who have autism have been asked to leave some public place and that about 22% of the people who have autism have stated that they do not have any friends. This is not acceptable at all, and that is why Autism Rocks is currently being appreciated by millions of people around the globe. And with Sanjay Shah working constantly to increase the success of this organization, people are hoping that great things will be done for autism and its awareness.

A Little Background about Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah did not start out his career in finance or investment industry. He started studying medicine before deciding that being a doctor wasn’t what he wanted to do. So he became an accountant and started working for various investment firms, including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Because of the financial crisis in 2008, Sanjay’s job was made redundant, with no good prospects for finding another job. This is how he decided to start his own company. He rented a room in the capital of UK, London, and began operating his venture successfully. Sanjay Solo Capital continued to drive success, the same way it does with Autism Rocks.

The Finance Game – How does this all work?

When people see Warren Buffet they are endlessly curious: how does he make so much money? The answer lies in the ‘behind-the scenes’ of the financial business.

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In the financial world, going through success and failure is like being on a roller-coaster ride. It takes high persistence to keep you ‘head on your shoulders’ and make a fortune, especially when you come from humble beginnings like Sanjay Shah.

Many cannot figure out how Sanjay Shah amassed such a fortune. Although, medicine was seen as the most lucrative career option in yesteryears, and Sanjay Shah’s father wanted him to be a doctor, Sanjay was never interested in being one. Strangely perhaps, his father, in spite of being a doctor in UK, lived in a humble one-bedroom flat. This is the reason why, as per Sanjay Shah, he never quite associated wealth with doctors.      

For Sanjay Shah, it was always about realizing his core strengths and pursing his interests. In 2008, when Sanjay Shah was laid off from his job, he says, he was relieved! He never used to like to go to a regular day job that takes out 10 – 12 hours of his time, when the actual productivity will be only half of that time. Moreover, he didn’t like to commute to Stanmore in North London from his home.

Sanjay Shah took the opportunity of being laid off to his advantage and decided to start his own venture. He also realized that the market was going through a financial crisis and finding a job would be really tough for him. So he went ahead and opened up a business for himself. That’s how Solo Capital was born.

It was just a matter of time before Solo Capital gained in recognition and pulled in clients from all over town. The growth of Solo Capital was by word of mouth and completely organic since no venture capital was poured in. Their services was so good that all clients trusted Solo Capital with their stock and trading decisions.

In the words of Sanjay Shah himself – “Nobody should apologize for being ambitious. Early on, I had my sights on a bigger goal. I realized, to get where what I wanted to be, I would need to make friends and gain mentors on the trading desk. When you are able to do that, your clients and customers choose to be your friends.”

Hedge Today Exclusive – Sanjay Shah’s Opinion About EU Now

This opinion,  advice and comments!

You said Brexit is good for Britain. What is your view on the economic situation in Europe?

“Yes, I believe Brexit is good for Britain. In the cycle of economic recovery, Europe is still behind the United States. You can say EU is mobilized now. It has taken measures to support activity, reduced interest rates to very low levels.

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But it is true that, in recent years, people have good reasons to be concerned about Europe: not enough growth, too much uncertainties. I would not say it is paralyzed, but it gave investors reasons to delay their decisions on investments.”

Did the ECB do too much or not enough for growth?

“In recent years, all the central banks had to take belligerent and sometimes innovative decisions. They did everything they could to make the economy and financial status quo less dramatic so that states can more easily find the path to growth. The ECB has done a good job. We must not forget that in Europe, there was no precedent. This is the first generation of a European central bank. This is the first time such an institution operating in this context, should establish its authority in a federal framework, and sometimes even fight to impose its decisions. In the US, the Fed or the Supreme Court existed for years. They have built their power with time, experience and tradition.”

In the United States, should the Fed raise its interest rates or be patient?

“I believe that if the Fed interest rates went up, it would be well received by the markets. Because it would be a validation of the health of the US economy. And about the latest figures on employment, the economy is generally improving in the United States, unemployment is low and the labor market is starting to tighten. Ultimately, it would be good for the confidence that the Fed starts to gradually raise rates.”

Seeing how Sanjay Shah made it to the top of highly successful people, it comes as no surprise that if there is a will, there is always a way. Pushing away the option of a lucrative medical career option, getting into the finance industry and building an empire from scratch is nothing but high persistence.

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